Honest self regulation in business seems to be a dying art!

We are engaged by our client to inspect a property on their behalf and provide a genuine and honest report of our findings on the day. That is not to say that in doing so our intentions are to ignorantly run ‘rough-shod’ over any other party involved such as the owner or owner’s agent. We are aware that there are some building and/or pest inspectors who continue to operate without any thought of cordiality toward any other party, even their own clients;  believe me, we hear the stories.  We are also aware that some inspection reports can be worded in such a bland and inane fashion as to be quite ineffectual and without much substance;  so general in its content as to be practically useless as a report for the client’s use for assessment.

Our legal and general paperwork has to reflect many different things for different circumstances and we genuinely hope that all things considered, we offer a balance that:

  1. Falls within the guidelines legally required by the Australian Standards.
  2. Is easy for clients to understand – hence a COMBINATION of tick boxes and written substance for clarification.
  3. Covers all areas that we are engaged to inspect as accessible to the inspector.
  4. Contains certain legal wording as instructed by insurance and legal bodies.
  5.  Under the circumstances that prevail on the day, gives a full and proper inspection assessment as a measure of protection to a proposed purchaser so that he/she can fully assess what it is they intend to purchase.
  6. Gives a full and proper inspection assessment as a measure of substantial comfort to a proposed seller of a property so that he/she is able to realise (and therefy rectify) any potential and legitimate obstacle toward a smooth sale.

Our “user friendly” method of inspection means that we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE clients to attend during a prepurchase inspection and go through it side-by-side with the inspector. When any anomaly/defect is found during an inspection it can be discussed on the spot and if possible our inspector will always be reassuring toward the client so that any unfounded doubt in the mind of the client can be put to rest. We know this method also helps the seller and their agent because they can trust that our inspector will gently guide the purchaser through the knowledge of what it is they intend to purchase. We choose to work in a reasonable and helpful “user-friendly” manner for our client and in many cases the seller who takes note of our thoroughness later contacts us to conduct his own on-going purchase inspection.

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