Purchasing a property is a stressful time whether you are a first-home buyer, or you are venturing out into investment properties. Between finding the right home, organizing meetings with the banks and filling in paperwork, you still have your day to day list of errands that need doing. Being such a busy time, we sometimes overlook tasks that need completing. One very important item to remember when it comes to real estate is to make sure that you have your pre-purchase building and pest inspection conducted within the adequate time frame within the conditions of your contract. It is important to make sure that you engage professionals to conduct your own pre-purchase building and pest inspection that is independent of other parties.

If you rely on a building and pest report that has been conducted by a building inspector that was not engaged by you, then they are not liable to you. Therefore, you should always seek an independent report from your own trusted licensed inspector.

We should not think of a pre-purchase building and pest as just ‘part of the process.’ It can be used for negotiations with the vendor with items such as the cost of the property and organizing for certain things to be fixed before exchange of keys. By having an independent building and pest inspection carried out, you obtain an unbiased thorough inspection property report relevant on structural and timber destroying pest making sure that you are not spending thousands of dollars on a real estate ‘lemon.’ Not having a thorough inspection carried out by a qualified licensed inspector can mean that you are now stuck with a property that requires more thousands of dollars spent on it to get it back up to your expectation.

Finally, when it comes time for your inspection, it is preferable if at all possible that you attend for a more ‘hands on’ experience. This will provide you the benefit of being able to discuss any problems first hand with your inspector which will fully help you to make more informed decisions. If it is not possible for you to attend, your inspector will connect with you personally for discussion of his findings.

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