Recently we had a phone call from one of our clients who also owns an investment property in Mackay. She said she had some concerns and asked if we would read through her pest report that she recently had carried out at her property by a local inspection company there.

Upon reading the report, we were shocked to see that this well-known company was cutting corners and not carrying out the inspections using the proper inspection tools. Upon further reading, it became apparent that for the engagement of the basic required tools, she had to pay extra!

This client was not impressed and has since engaged another pest company in that area to conduct the annual pest inspections for her.

Engaging a professional licensed expert person for this exercise is not cheap and to receive value and benefit for the cost is what you expect.

It is imperative that you employ an inspection company you have confidence in to supply you with a very thorough and detailed report, and an inspector who will spend the time with you discussing any items for your personal clarification.

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