We often get asked this question. How could termites possibly be found within a multi storey unit complex? Well, we once found them in a third storey unit! During your pre purchase building and pest inspection, your inspector will be making sure that the building being examined complies with all relevant Australian Building Codes, this … continue reading I’m purchasing a unit in a high-rise complex why do I need a timber pest inspection?

We have all thought about how terrific it would be to have a home that was only a short stroll from the beach, or even a few minutes’ drive at most. If you are one of the lucky ones considering making this move, what else do you need to consider before making the sea-change? Many … continue reading “Family Home – Only Minutes From The Beach!”

It is natural for timber to decay. Fungi rot is a process where fungi consumes timber as a food source. This is an essential process of the cycle of life and ecology of the planet as the natural process of this is to return nutrients from dead plant matter back into the environment. Unfortunately, when … continue reading How do I Prevent or Detect Timber Decay in my home?

Purchasing a property is a stressful time whether you are a first-home buyer, or you are venturing out into investment properties. Between finding the right home, organizing meetings with the banks and filling in paperwork, you still have your day to day list of errands that need doing. Being such a busy time, we sometimes … continue reading What is the benefit of a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection?

Recently we had a phone call from one of our clients who also owns an investment property in Mackay. She said she had some concerns and asked if we would read through her pest report that she recently had carried out at her property by a local inspection company there. Upon reading the report, we … continue reading What is my biggest risk when getting an inspection done?

Often during building inspections we find that tall gas cylinders are not safely positioned and/or secured. Gas cylinders contain liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stored at high pressure. LPG gas cylinders should be stored outside in a well ventilated area as LPG is heavier than air and will collect in low areas instead of dissipating. There … continue reading The Importance of Having Safe Securing on Tall Gas Cylinders

BASF Pest Control Solutions, makers of Termidor, have now registered Termidor as an effective agent against not only termites but ants, cockroaches, earwigs, houseflies, web-spinning spiders, daddy long legs spiders, millipedes, pill bugs and house crickets, around domestic and commercial structures. We believe this makes the proven Termidor product even better value for our clients. … continue reading TERMIDOR Controls More Than Termites and is BETTER VALUE!

We offer the following 12-point check list as a guide only as most people would agree that, in many cases, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance and/or minor repairs on a newly acquired property.   It will require an expert to detect most faults. However, when you are inspecting a property with a … continue reading USE THIS GUIDE To Help You Check A Property Before You Purchase Or Sell

Termidor, which comes with an eight year guarantee, is undetectable to termites, due to its innovative non-repellent technology. As a result, termites can pick up a lethal dose of the product while foraging in treated areas, all of which leads to quicker results. Affected termites transfer Termidor to others by contact, grooming and exchange of … continue reading Quicker Results with Termidor Termiticide! Are You Covered?

We offer the option to our clients to employ a drone and operator service for inspecting high roofs. There are legal limitations on accessing a rooftop which requires a ladder of more than 3.6 metres and this can restrict access to a physical inspection of a rooftoop on a 2 storey (or higher) building.  Sometimes … continue reading Do You Wish The Rooftop To Be Examined?

Types of Termite Control Very often I find clients confused about termite control on property.  Few people understand that the Australian Building codes require builders to install effective termite control to all residential property according to Australian Standard AS 3660.1 and this process is checked by the building certifier as part of his examination of … continue reading Confusion about Termite Control?

It is said that in Australia alone subterranean termites cause about one billion dollars worth of damage EVERY YEAR. Vigilant termite management and prevention is essential to safeguard the value of your home. How many times have we carried out a pre-purchase building and pest inspection on a home for a prospective and enthusiastic purchaser only … continue reading Do You Have Any Yummy Termite Food At Your House?

We often get asked about “visual termite barriers” and the effectiveness of this type of termite protection system, and the various plusses and minuses that go hand in hand with this type of Termite Pest Control system. These types of control systems, when constructed correctly, do comply with the current building code AS 3660.1 and … continue reading Do you know which type of Termite Control System you have Protecting Your Home?

We recently carried out a pre-purchase building and pest inspection for a client and with the use of Infra-red Thermal Imaging equipment, which we employ on all our building and pest inspections, the inspector detected high moisture problems in three separate walls in approximation to the bathroom shower area. We were then asked by the … continue reading Thermal Imaging Helps Detect Moisture In Buildings

We have been asked this question: My building is constructed of concrete block and has a metal roof, why do I need a pest (termite) inspection? There is a short answer which is this:  There will always be an amount of timber utilized in even these sorts of construction.  For example, timber roof framing or … continue reading My Building is Constructed of Concrete Block and Metal Roof – Why Do I Need a Termite Inspection?

This made me laugh.  Today I was speaking with a pest inspector who was not aware that I had some background knowledge of infrared thermal imaging.  And this is just an indication of the deceit that is perpetrated upon the uninformed.  Perhaps he thought he had to impress me by being Superman! The family home … continue reading Is Thermal Imaging the Same as X-Ray Vision and can find Termites?

From BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions: As a consequence of the extreme weather conditions and recent flooding events that have hit Australia’s east coast, many homeowners may be concerned about the efficacy of their past termite treatment. Efficacy of Termidor® after heavy rain: The key to the suitability of any termiticide in a wet environment … continue reading Termidor, termites and flooding

Honest self regulation in business seems to be a dying art! We are engaged by our client to inspect a property on their behalf and provide a genuine and honest report of our findings on the day. That is not to say that in doing so our intentions are to ignorantly run ‘rough-shod’ over any … continue reading Australian Standard User-Friendly Building and Pest Inspection Reports

Peter Morris is a licensed pest control technician with all the appropriate State licences that are required to conduct termite pest inspections and termite treatments and termite barrier works. What’s involved in having a termite barrier installed at your home? Getting your home treated usually takes less than a day. A licensed and certified pest … continue reading Accredited Termidor Applicator

Damp is a huge problem for buildings – it leaves an odour and is unhygienic. Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding. It is highly likely the occupant of a damp home will suffer with some sort of respiratory … continue reading The importance of utilising Infra-red Thermal Imaging in your Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection.