Types of Termite Control

Very often I find clients confused about termite control on property.  Few people understand that the Australian Building codes require builders to install effective termite control to all residential property according to Australian Standard AS 3660.1 and this process is checked by the building certifier as part of his examination of the builder’s adherence to all building codes.

In general terms the form of termite control that are accepted by the Australian Building codes fall under three broad categories:

  1.  Chemical
  2.  Physical
  3.  Visual

Depending on which of the three categories utilized by the builder, this will often require different levels of post installation maintenance and the appropriate ongoing inspection regime that the owner should abide by.

It is therefore a very important aspect of all building and pest inspections, and the ability of the inspection company you employ, to adequately explain and differentiate between the various applications is non-negotiable.

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