We offer the option to our clients to employ a drone and operator service for inspecting high roofs. There are legal limitations on accessing a rooftop which requires a ladder of more than 3.6 metres and this can restrict access to a physical inspection of a rooftoop on a 2 storey (or higher) building.  Sometimes it is possible but the likely situation is that it is not always easily accessible for an inspector – sometimes it just depends on the building configuration itself.  The expense that is involved in repairing or replacing a roof is not small.

It is always our recommendation that a client engage our DRONE SERVICE for  any 2 storey or higher roof level building(s).

Our drone comprises sophisticated equipment and is fitted with a high resolution digital camera.  It is ideal for determining the condition of any roof including roofing material, valley gutters and perimeter guttering, etc., right down to rusty screws or cracked tiles!

Please phone our office (07) 5476 5550 for details and prices on our drone service and whether the building is situated in an area where Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) allows a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) to operate.