Focus Building and Pest Inspections have been servicing the Sunny Coast and surrounding areas for over 15 years with experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

One of the first building inspection companies to introduce and employ the use of infrared thermal imaging by our certified thermographer a few years ago, we now strive to offer next level service to our clients, ensuring you are equipped with the most accurate information possible from our building and pest inspections utilising an unmanned aerial vehicle Drone.

How We Deliver

There are legal limitations on accessing a rooftop which requires a ladder more than 3.6 metres, which restricts access to a physical inspection of a rooftop on a two storey building  or higher structures. So, while a keen eye is an inspector’s best tool, in some instances we are either physically unable to access some high roofs or it is not permitted to legally access them without expensive harnessing equipment or elevated platforms.

Focus Building and Pest Inspections now employ leading edge Drone Technology fitted with sophisticated camera equipment and collision protection, and are able to offer an affordable solution to our clients needs and peace of mind that one of the most important building elements of your new home or investment property is in good condition and not in a state of disrepair with large repair costs. We are able to inspect for defects in high and otherwise inaccessible areas such as skylights, windows, roofing materials and roof guttering, parapet walls, etc. for more conclusive evidence of condition for reporting on these areas.

Our commercial clients can also make use of our Drone Inspection Service, ensuring hard to access areas are able to be more economically and easily and effectively inspected.

Note:  Some geographical areas can be ‘off limits’ to the operation of drones and weather condtions must be favourable (not raining).

Don’t leave it to chance. Ask us today how our drone and operators can help keep you informed.

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