We have all thought about how terrific it would be to have a home that was only a short stroll from the beach, or even a few minutes’ drive at most.

If you are one of the lucky ones considering making this move, what else do you need to consider before making the sea-change?

Many people put regular home maintenance on the back burner- wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying life rather than painting the outside of your home? It is recommended that homes along and near the beach and coastline be repainted every 2-3 years due to the intense exposure from the sun, salty sea air and sand. Paint with normal wear and tear does start to wear thin over time, allowing moisture to seep in and cause wood – decay fungus to your property. Fungi rot spreads quickly when unchecked and can cause expensive repairs.

Also homes near the beach are more susceptible to rust due to salt air traveling from the ocean. This can lead to a number of issues such as rusting roof screws, corrosion of air conditioning units and hot water systems and even allowing your guttering to deteriorate quickly.

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