Often during building inspections we find that tall gas cylinders are not safely positioned and/or secured.

Gas cylinders contain liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stored at high pressure. LPG gas cylinders should be stored outside in a well ventilated area as LPG is heavier than air and will collect in low areas instead of dissipating. There should be no sources of ignition in the LPG storage area.

Never use a gas cylinder on its side – gas bottles must always be stored and used upright for safety reasons as the LPG exists as a liquid in the bottom of the cylinder and gas vapour at the top of the cylinder. Being stored upright allows some gas vapour to be vented for safety by the pressure relief valve. The safety valve is not equipped to be used with the liquid form in the lower portion of the cylinder.

Cylinders can be secured with any specialty bracket or with suitable sized chain or webbing straps and should be secured above centre of gravity and no more than 3 cylinders should be secured together – triangle shape to prevent movement – but do not store more gas than is required.


Tall Gas Cylinders