We often get asked about “visual termite barriers” and the effectiveness of this type of termite protection system, and the various plusses and minuses that go hand in hand with this type of Termite Pest Control system.

These types of control systems, when constructed correctly, do comply with the current building code AS 3660.1 and as such are acceptable for the purposes of building certifiers when they are requesting the various certificates from builders, who are obliged to provide assistance to the certifier, when they apply to local councils for issuance of “Final Certificates”.

We have found that most problems that arise for home owners takes the form of complete ignorance of what is required to actively police termite control on a property that relies for its protection in this way (“Visual”). It is no fault of the home owner that they have not been instructed in the ongoing management of this ‘system’. However, this system relies totally on a visual inspection regime and as such requires physical eyeballing of those areas of the building that are vulnerable to possible infestation and this should be carried out by the home owner on a regular basis.

“Visual barriers” take many different forms including elevated houses on stumps or concrete slab edge exposure to name a couple. Some buildings for instance are elevated but extremely low to the earth in the underfloor areas, either totally or in part, which often makes it extremely difficult to reach and inspect and sometimes not accessible at all! This is where the practicality of these types of systems is brought into question. Under those circumstances, as far as the inspection process is concerned, the house may check out clear on the day but the legacy is that the visual termite control system is not capable of being utilized in the manner that the code requires and that is before the client considers whether ongoing inspections on a very regular basis (every 6-8 weeks is advised) are capable of being performed by him or her or that they will need to rely upon a commercial inspection process which on such a frequency can prove expensive on such a regular basis.

Fortunately there are remedies that can be provided to satisfy the need of the client depending on their particular property and their own abilities. If you have any doubt whatsoever about what type of termite control your property has as its protection management we urge you to engage a suitably licensed termite pest control technician to carry out a current inspection and report, and explain to you on site how you can contribute to the ongoing vigilance needed with this type of termite control. We are happy to arrange an appointment for you if you wish to contact Chris at our office on 54765550.

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