Termidor, which comes with an eight year guarantee, is undetectable to termites, due to its innovative non-repellent technology. As a result, termites can pick up a lethal dose of the product while foraging in treated areas, all of which leads to quicker results. Affected termites transfer Termidor to others by contact, grooming and exchange of food.

Termidor has no effect on soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants, and being low dose and non-repellent, this water-based product provides long-term residual control.

If you do not yet have Termite Control installed, your buildings are fair game to termites and it is only a matter of time before they move in and start causing expensive problems. Phone us TODAY to arrange for one of our licensed, experienced Pest Technicians to thoroughly inspect your property, provide an updated report, and discuss the cost of having termite control installed to protect your investment.

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