Asbestos Audits and Management Register

The intent of an Asbestos Audit is to inspect the workplace building/property to determine the type, location and condition of the asbestos containing material (ACM) if any, and to compile these findings.

This information is filed in a mandatory Asbestos Register which is kept on site and must be made available to workers on the site.

Predominantly manufactured and sold until the mid-1980s, fibro sheeting in all its forms was a very popular building material, largely due to its durability. The reinforcing fibres involved were almost always asbestos. The use of fibro has now been banned in Australia due to its asbestos content. Asbestos is directly related to a number of life-threatening diseases including, asbestosis, pleural mesothelioma (lung) and peritoneal mesothelioma (abdomen). Fibre cement sheet is still readily available, but the reinforcing fibres are now cellulose rather than asbestos. However the name “fibro” is still applied to it for traditional reasons.

Asbestos Material

Asbestos material can also be found in some linoleum flooring material, acoustic and thermal insulation in walls and ceilings, and lagging (insulation) around pipes. In these situations asbestos was used in an almost raw state, which meant that asbestos fibres (which can be deadly if breathed in) would, with very little disturbance, get airborne. Asbestos fibres in this state are termed loose and friable.

In both domestic and commercial situations any structure built pre 1982 could possibly contain some element of asbestos product throughout the building. If the client is concerned on the basis of this Focus Building and Pest Inspections is able to provide an Asbestos Inspection for the purpose of identification and management of all asbestos found. Asbestos products were used in some building construction even until the 1990’s and in some cases beyond.

Asbestos Audits are appropriately undertaken when any commercial building is ought/sold/renovated, etc. Asbestos Management is a legal obligation on all commercial property owners and anyone in control of commercial premises; i.e. persons in control of premises which include the owner of the property, a tenant who has responsibility or obligation to maintain or repair the premises, or an employer at the premises.

With permission of the owner, FOCUS will remove a small sample(s) as required and have this laboratory tested and identified for type. We provide the service of Asbestos Audit, Laboratory Identification of ACM, and Asbestos Management Register.

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