Control Solutions for new Home Building

When you are engaging a builder for construction of your new home, call FOCUS at the outset to benefit provision of optimum control solutions during the building process as we assist you at every stage of construction to ensure that the builder is building to an acceptable quality and standard of finish.

Unacceptable building issues like bulges, deflections and other irregularities in the framing for instance, cracks in the foundation, poor construction techniques, water damage, etc. are all able to be addressed at the appropriate time of construction when it is possible to correct them and are not able to be simply ‘covered up’. As an owner you will pay good money for a quality new home product and there is no reason why you should have to accept a sub standard job that ruins the quality of your new home, not just in the finished look but also in some serious defects (sad to say) that can be hidden during construction if effective supervision is not carried out by an independent inspector.

Final Handover Inspection

We can carry out a Final Inspection or Handover Inspection prior to you taking possession. This is to identify any outstanding issues which are put to the builder to address within an agreed period of time. However, we advise people not to take the risk of engaging an inspector for the Final Inspection only. This provides risk and doesn’t always equate to saving a few hundred dollars which is what each stage inspection will cost. Found defects on finishes at the Final stage can “look bad” but can still be within the limit of “acceptable tolerances”. Whatever the cause of the finish, these causes could have been picked up on before the final finished ceilings, cornices, wall linings, etc. were installed resulting in the finished product being as close to perfect as possible.

It is highly recommended that Progress Reports be carried out at every stage:

  • Slab
  • Frame and Roof
  • Fix Out
  • Practical Completion
  • Final Hand-over Defect Inspections.

All our Building Inspection Services are carried out by our qualified & licensed professional building inspectors. Focus Building and Pest Inspections provides high standards of inspection reporting beyond the currently recommended Australian Standard and all at an affordable price.

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