Dilapidation Survey Report

A Dilapidation Survey Report is the best option when it comes to construction risk management. We can provide you with a comprehensive pre-works property condition inspection and provide an appropriate report, including photographic evidence, of existing structures prior to any surrounding building contracting or earth works beginning, to identify any existing faults such as cracks and other structural damage to existing buildings and surrounding infrastructure prior to construction works commencing.

Our dilapidation surveys will therefore ‘draw a line in the sand’ and help determine an assessment of the extent of damage that may have occurred due to neighbouring excavation or new construction works.

Property inspections are especially important when projects involve demolition or excavation. Any potential problems or disputes between property owners and construction companies can be resolved through diligent and detailed reporting which can be ordered by either party at any particular point in time.

From a contractor’s point of view, a thorough and comprehensive dilapidation survey is vital for the protection of his reputation, financial position and potential insurance claim. An owner of a neighbouring property may also engage an inspector to carry out a dilapidation survey on their own property to be used as evidence of the condition of their property before neighbouring works are carried out, if they are concerned that those works may have a detrimental effect upon their own property which may result in damage claims.

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Great Thanks Peter

Thank you again for organising the inspection so quickly and for the thorough report. Cheers, Andrew C.
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Thrilled With The Service

  Thank you for your report. It certainly highlighted the maintenance work required on the property which while we expected some,...
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Helpful Advice!

Many thanks for all your help. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the inspection and the helpful advice provided by...
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