Timber Pest Inspection

FOCUS Building and Pest Inspections are licensed for but do not carry out general pest inspections such as for fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, etc. but we concentrate only on the more serious aspect of Pest Control as it pertains to building structures and the wood destroying pests Termites, Borer and Fungi-rot.

We carry out this inspection when engaged to perform a Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Pest Inspection when a client is buying or selling a property. This inspection is carried out to Australian Standard AS4349.3-2010.

Inspection Procedures

Building and Pest Inspection

You can save time and money when our professional inspector conducts both your building inspection and pest inspection at the same time. This offers a smoother and quicker result with no loss of information.

A more informed report is usually the result as any found structural problem may relate to termite or other wood pest infestation, or presence of termite damage (new or old) may relate to structural soundness.

For your protection, our policy is to have our inspectors licensed and experienced in both professional sectors to assess such critical situations and explain to our client all consequences as one problem relates to the other.

Our ‘after inspection service’ is absolutely free. If you have any outstanding queries or concerns after the inspection process and you want to follow up or re-focus on any part of your report, we absolutely encourage you to contact your inspector by phone and discuss these with him. As a fully licensed and qualified person he can advise you about every step of the building or pest inspection or termite control process or direct you to information you may need.

We are fully licensed Pest Controllers and are happy to do an assessment and quotation for Termite Pest Control system. Termite Control quotes require a site visit.

Annual Pest (Termite) Inspection

The Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 recommends that “Regular competent inspections should be carried out at least on an annual basis but more frequent inspections are strongly recommended”. Termites can bridge or breach “barriers” but evidence of this may be detected during the recommended inspections. If it is important to have a regular minimum annual termite inspection WITH a “termite barrier” in place, how much more important is it to have an inspection when you don’t have that added protection?!

When our licensed inspectors carry out an annual termite inspection on your home he applies the same professional and diligent service as he does on a pre-purchase pest inspection which means he will cover the same areas externally and internally, also employing infra-red thermal technology to help detect moisture which could mean the presence of live termite infestation.

Should a high moisture reading be detected during an inspection the inspector will recommend a Borescope Inspection to help determine the cause of the high reading.

A Borescope Inspection is carried out by drilling small hole(s) into the internal wall lining(s) to visually inspect wall cavities of the building via the Borescope device that is equipped with a powerful light source. This process effects minor damage to the building, sustained by the drilling. However, drill holes that reveal no substantial damage will be repaired by our inspector by plugging the hole with plaster-set. Prior authorisation from the building’s owner is required before this inspection will be carried out.

If you suspect or find Termite infestation – DO NOT DISTURB  –  CALL US IMMEDIATELY  FOR A BUILDING PEST / TERMITE INSPECTION ! (07) 5476 5550

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