Termites can destroy your home.

Are you protected from termite/white ant infestation?
Many homeowners simply do not know how much at risk their property is without a Termite Control System in place and regular termite pest inspections by a professional. With more and more home sites and developments opening up on large tracts of virgin land you can imagine how much disturbance there is to old established termite colonies.

Some colonies may contain over one million hungry termites and to these ‘eating machines’ the timber used to build homes provides a very attractive meal. There are many vulnerable areas like skirting boards, architraves, window reveals, doors, frames, etc., but even more importantly, structural and frame timbers can be subject to an attack which can add up to many thousands of dollars to repair and if termites are not controlled or detected early enough it can have a devastating effect. Termites consume a cellulose based diet. They will attack wood, paper, cardboard, and even leather. Termite damage is not always easy to find. If it’s there, it often takes some serious sleuthing to find it.

TERMIDOR Termite Control System

We personally do not recommend the installation of baiting stations. Through our termite inspections, we have found that TERMIDOR Termite Control is the most effective solution for any termite problems. After much research into the many termite control products and having Termidor prove its efficiency through application our opinion is that, dollar for dollar, Termidor offers higher protection and lower toxicity and has minimal impact on the environment. Termidor is water-based and has no odour, will not leach through soil and is not damaging to humans or pets, soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants – but is deadly to termites – and provides a highly effective, longer term residual termite control (when compared with other termiticides).

Your house and contents insurance will not usually provide cover for termite damage to your property. As a result, it is important that you carry out periodic checks for possible signs of termite activity, and also have your building inspected at least once every year by a licensed pest inspector.

Call us for a FREE measure and quote on (07) 5476 5550. A Termite Control System quote necessitates a site assessment as each one differs according to the building style and configuration of the structures.

Reticulated Delivery System

Where possible and warranted we recommend the installation of a reticulated delivery system which is specially designed for the purpose and provides an excellent replenishment vehicle when re-treatment is due as there is no need for further disruptive or invasive trenching work required to retreat areas. Once installed there is no disturbing of household gardens.

Compromising Your Control System

Some common practices which can compromise ‘termite barriers’ are:

  • Placing lawns or garden beds up against an exterior wall of a property.
  • Raising the ground level above the ‘weep holes’ or metal flashing near the base of exterior walls, or near the base of timber verandah or pergola posts.
  • Leaving loose timber underneath, close to, or in contact with the building structures.
  • Building fences, sheds, garages, carports, pergolas, decks or other structures which are attached to or which abut the property, after the termite barrier was installed.

If you suspect or find Termite infestation – DO NOT DISTURB – CALL US IMMEDIATELY FOR A TERMITE PEST INSPECTION ! (07) 5476 5550

A thorough inspection of your property should be arranged. Once termites are overly disturbed they can scatter into more areas and cause more damage which could be hidden. Contact us today on 07 5476 5550 for one of the most comprehensive termite inspections in Australia!

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