A ‘more sure’ inspection

When you engage FOCUS to conduct your Building and Pest Report, we ensure that you are getting maximum value and information by offering you Infrared Thermal Imaging in conjunction with your Australian standard report. This is done at the same time as the Australian standard visual inspection.

Infrared Thermography can provide crucial information to your decision making process before you make your investment. Eliminate doubt!

Above and beyond the Australian standard inspection process, we utilise a specialist Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera which can enable the Inspector to detect some anomalies which may not normally be detectable with the naked eye therefore offering a more sure and detailed inspection.

Thermal Imaging is relatively new technology conducive to this type of inspection. The added advantage of Infrared thermal imaging is that it provides a deeper ‘non invasive’ inspection which may enable our certified thermographer/inspector to detect faults that the naked eye cannot see, i.e. moisture areas undetectable by normal moisture meter used, especially around cornices where it may suggest roof leaks, above window reveals and some walls where plumbing is enclosed; also active termite mudding inside cavity walls which may otherwise be missed, and some anomalies in electrical switching, etc.

These faults are not usually visually evident with the naked eye and in the interests of a more thorough inspection we include this strategy as its use will offer the comfort of some potentially expensive faults being less likely to be missed during your inspection especially when much of the building material and linings are timber/cellulose.

This is an added advantage to all our clients, who are obviously investing multiple thousands of dollars into their new property investment, because it has proved over and over to be so beneficial in showing up extra defects. This service is included with all our building and pest inspections and we simply wouldn’t do an inspection without it. Although our inspector uses the infrared thermal imaging camera as a very valuable tool for thermal readings, we do not necessarily record images. The images sent with our reports are standard digital images.


An Australian standard Building and Pest Inspection  is of a non-destructive and non-intrusive nature which is all the more reason why an  investigative inspection using Infrared Thermography is all the more relevant and important as it offers a fuller coverage examination, thereby minimising the risk of missing any ‘hidden’ problems, such as:

  • Revealing suspicious and hidden areas unseen to the naked eye.
  • Position of Wet Spots within a wall space, ceiling, under floor areas, etc.
  • Current wet damaged Framing Timbers and Window Reveals, etc.
  • Live Termite Infestation.
  • Improper Installations of Insulation.
  • Leaking water pipes.
  • Some Electrical Anomalies.

FYI – Infrared thermal imaging cameras are freely available on the market and could be used by inspection companies indiscriminately. FOCUS building and pest inspectors are trained in accordance with The Infraspection Institute of Infrared Thermography staffed by highly experienced Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers, as Certified Thermographers.


AUSTPA (The Australian Professional Thermography Association) warn that inadequately trained personnel using cameras which are not fit for purpose or equipment not appropriate for the task will collect data which is inaccurate or flawed. It is not Thermography or Thermal Imaging which is flawed, but lack of understanding or awareness of the process and equipment required by the camera operator.

The results of your inspection can be exposed to risk when the person operating the thermal imaging equipment is not a Certified Thermographer or trained by one.

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What you can’t see really can hurt you!

Infrared Thermal Imaging!

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