BASF Pest Control Solutions, makers of Termidor, have now registered Termidor as an effective agent against not only termites but ants, cockroaches, earwigs, houseflies, web-spinning spiders, daddy long legs spiders, millipedes, pill bugs and house crickets, around domestic and commercial structures.

We believe this makes the proven Termidor product even better value for our clients.

Termidor is a non-repellent product, meaning that it does not repel these pests but allows them to come into contact with the pesticide to either kill them directly or take the pesticide back to the nest, whereas a repellent insecticide only repels the exterior pest without necessarily killing it, and the pest will then continue searching for an entry point which is not adequately covered by  repellent.

The use of Termidor as the preferred termiticide, offers more benefits. Call our office today to install or update your Termite Control application, or arrange for a Timber Pest Inspection to get an up-to-date review of your building.

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