From BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions:

As a consequence of the extreme weather conditions and recent flooding events that have hit Australia’s east coast, many homeowners may be concerned about the efficacy of their past termite treatment.

Efficacy of Termidor® after heavy rain:

  • The key to the suitability of any termiticide in a wet environment is the propensity to leach through a soil profile upon a wetting event. The main measure for ability to leach is the product’s water solubility. Termidor has very low water solubility and therefore will not leach through the soil. Termidor tightly binds to organic matter in soil, which also limits its movement.
  • All of these physical and chemical characteristics contribute to Termidor remaining active in the treated zones close to the foundations of the structure for as long as the soil and foundations have not been compromised or the normal time span for degradation has elapsed. This includes soils that have been located in flooded areas.

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