Recently we conducted a well overdue pest inspection for a couple who believed they had found termites within their home. Upon inspection of the property, we found some areas of concern and we recommended a borescope to see inside the walls that were causing alarm.

We found termites and they had moved into numerous areas of their home. This proved to be a costly experience for them which may have been prevented with annual pest inspections and making sure that their termite control system was still up to date.

When termites attack the structural component of a home, it can be devastating to the home owners if not found soon enough and this may cost you as the home owner thousands of dollars not otherwise anticipated.

Structural integrity is so important and if you have had termites in your home, it may create problems with the resale of the property. This is why it is so important to go about doing the repairs correctly. If you are unlucky enough to get caught out, do not cut corners with repairs and / or termite treatment.

This means engaging a licensed pest controller to treat the termites and reinstate a proper termite control system and having a licensed builder to repair the termite damaged areas to have the property restored back to its proper structural integrity.

Always make sure that proper documentation is obtained for repairs and any chemical treatments along the way with photos of the damaged and then repaired areas. This is extremely important for resale of the property and for your peace of mind.

If your property has a physical barrier in place and it has failed, then a chemical termite control system will need to be installed around the perimeter of the home to protect it.

It is vital that annual pest inspections are conducted by a fully licensed pest controller. If you see anything that concerns you that may be termites, do not disturb and call us immediately to arrange an inspection on (07) 5476 5550.