….is to ignore it, not read it diligently, and not take the content and any recommendations seriously.

As a consequence it can lead to grief at a later time if you proceed to finalise the purchase of the property as, in time, you may discover defects and problems which could have been avoided had you paid attention to the report you paid for.

A Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection Report is called up for and provided for a very good reason and if the receiver of the report does not consider it worthy to follow direction in the report, then the negligence must sit upon the shoulders of the recipient.

There is quite often need to point a purchaser in the direction of further investigation for reasons the inspector thinks pertinent and when this advice is not followed it can lead to grief.

So, the WORST thing you can do is to ignore the report and recommendations in the report; and the BEST thing you can do is consider the cost of your report very cheap compared to what it can reveal in advance.

Unfortunately there have been instances when someone has not heeded the report as being serious enough to follow and had later discovered during a renovation that there were hidden live termites or old termite damage in the building which could have otherwise been revealed had the person followed the inspector’s direction for further investigation.

If the experience and expertise of the inspector recommends further examination of the structure then that’s a given. It should be done.

It is never a good idea to take good professional advice lightly, especially good advice you have paid for, and yet it is amazing how little attention some people pay to such advice. They are usually the ones that later find problems and are looking for someone else to blame  – usually the inspector!  The inspector is not Superman and does not have X-ray vision. However, a good inspector is vigilant and experienced, and because of the indications he has found either by eye or with various tools he has used during his inspection, he will report and recommend accordingly and would expect his professional advice and recommendations to be followed, which is in the interest of the purchaser of the Report.

When specific tools are used and detect moisture in building materials, or temperature anomalies are apparent, then it is an absolute necessity to investigate further by more invasive means to ascertain the reason. It may be that there are water leaks, it may be that live termites exist (they require moisture to build mud tunnels), or both.

On the other hand, old termite damage inside cavity walls may not be discovered because it is dry and cannot be detected with moisture meter or thermal imaging. Building and Pest inspections are not infallible but it is the best assurance you can get before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property.

Please don’t be slack in doing well on this count. It is so important that the inspector’s report be read, understood, and recommendations carried out. That is what a client is paying for after all. And if you don’t understand something in the report a helpful inspector is always willing to take your call to help clarify anything that you do not understand in his report.