We recently carried out a pre-purchase building and pest inspection for a client and with the use of Infra-red Thermal Imaging equipment, which we employ on all our building and pest inspections, the inspector detected high moisture problems in three separate walls in approximation to the bathroom shower area. We were then asked by the client to carry out a Borescope Inspection to ascertain the reason behind the readings.  This employs inserting a camera into the actual cavity and visually identifying the problem area to ascertain the reason for the problem.


Returning to the selling agent to gain authorisation to carry out the Borescope Inspection we were informed that the bathroom shower area had just undergone work by a plumber who performed cosmetic work to tidy up the area and re-sealing the tiles with silicone to stop any further leak.

It is important to note that what this suggests is that the seller had prior knowledge of a moisture problem and attempted to ‘fix’ it in a way that did not do anything but make the area look tidier. No further investigation was performed to establish whether damage had been sustained to framework timbers, etc. That part could not be seen with the naked eye so it actually amounts to a cheap cover-up.

Upon initial investigation it was found that there was still a problem inside the cavity walls and it took more expense to ascertain what that was. The Borescope Inspection revealed leaking plumbing inside the cavity which no tile sealant was ever going to repair.

If this problem was not initially detected by our inspector, there would not have been any secondary Borescope Inspection called for and by the time the unaware purchaser would have settled on the sale and moved in approximately 30 days later, he could have found a very expensive problem had developed.

It is so important to engage an inspector who is diligent and has your interests covered. Someone who thinks past his own and has in his mind the many hundreds of thousands of dollars the client has at stake in the purchase.

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