We offer the following 12-point check list as a guide only as most people would agree that, in many cases, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance and/or minor repairs on a newly acquired property.


It will require an expert to detect most faults. However, when you are inspecting a property with a view to purchase or sell, these suggestions may help you to first judge the condition of the home before your professional Building & Pest Inspection.


  • Ask to see a copy of a termite inspection report or treatment notice that’s dated within the last 12 months.


  • Check around outside of the house for trees & shrubs that are too close to the building. Not only can they cause movement of clay soils resulting in cracks to brickwork but can also encourage mould & dampness to walls which provide optimum conditions for termite invasion.



  • Drainage & site landscaping can detrimentally affect the site buildings, check the lay of the land, the downpipe & the overflow considerations.


  • Ask to see copies of approvals for any extension work carried out including carports, deck extensions and swimming pools.


  • Turn on a tap to check water pressure, then run two taps at the same time to check if water pressure is significantly affected.


  • Have a good look outside the house, & if possible under the house for efficient air flow & effective water proofing.



  • Find the electrical switch board & take a look at the wiring – if its insulated with black rubber installation, it will probably be quite old, and rewiring could be needed.


  • Check the site aspect of the building with a view to which rooms or outdoor areas may suffer from summer heat and which rooms will benefit from through- breezes etc.



  • Make sure you inspect the property during daytime when you have adequate lighting – if it is too dark it will make it difficult to detect faults.


  • Take note of the smell when entering a property – does it smell wet or damp?



  • Check internal walls & ceilings for stains or peeling paint which could indicate water leaks from either roof or internal water pipes. This will also significantly increase the risk of termites.


  • Check tiles by knocking in the centre of them. A ‘drummy’ sound will indicate that the adhesive is failing.




For your protection, Focus Building & Pest Inspectors operate under strict licensing and standards codes. Since we are working in your interest, we always strongly encourage you to join our inspector on site during the inspection process as on-site advice and discussions can be invaluable. The inspector will also be available by phone after inspections to help you with any concerns, if any.


Focus Building & Pest reports are comprehensive, independent and written in plain English. Each report is a combination of easily understood selection boxes, inspectors written commentary and where necessary, photos which altogether can enable you to understand what it is you intend to purchase or sell.

You will receive your full written report that same day.

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