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Focus Building and Pest Inspections is located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. A professional authority – trustworthy, competent and suited to your building inspection needs, both residential and commercial. Without fear or favour, an independent building and pest report that produces clear definition of your property that you can rely on.

Both Peter and Chris have always worked in the building industry. Amazingly it’s not where they met but that’s another story.


About Peter

Peter comes from a licensed building background and his own company in Sydney was involved in both commercial and residential building projects and earthmoving. Over 20 years ago Peter and Chris made the move to Queensland with their two sons and settled in lovely Buderim. Peter began work supervising for various building companies and he soon found out how much they were prepared to compromise on their client’s jobs, cutting corners to save themselves money but which was actually just another way of stealing from their clients. Obviously they weren’t happy about being “caught out”.  Of course not all builders are like that but we soon learned who was and who wasn’t to be trusted.

The best way Peter thought he could counter the disrespect and downright dishonesty in the industry was to put his skills and expertise to work for the benefit of people who would be just like him if he was building or buying a property and needed professional advice and help.

Sick of seeing all the rip-offs that people were subject to for the sake of others lining their own pockets with no regard for the clients faith in them, sometimes even to the detriment of safety aspects of a build, he decided to become a building inspector and completed his licensing in that area.

We are fully licensed Pest Controllers and are happy to do an assessment and quotation for Termite Pest Control system. Termite Control quotes require a site visit. With more than 35 years experience in the building industry our building and pest / termite inspection service can offer you more than you can think.

Focus Building and Pest Inspections has now been operating on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years and Peter is a well respected and trusted senior expert in the building and pest inspection industry. He is successful in his business because he works closely with his clients to achieve and deliver the results necessary for them to have their needs met. We are not affiliated with any builders or agencies and report totally and independently in our client’s interest only.

One client was a lady who had just put a purchase contract on a new home and wanted Peter to inspect it which he did. During the inspection he found that although it was a brand new home and had been passed off by a certifier, the roof wasn’t even ‘tied down’. That lady went back to the builder to have that rectified after which she again asked Peter to check it. He found it was tied down in about 3 places but not all the way around. After that, she wouldn’t trust anyone but Peter to help her sort that problem with the roof.

Another client recently asked how old Peter was because in his experience he felt that he wasn’t able to trust anyone to do this type of work who was younger and who hadn’t had ample work experience in the industry. That man had his own standards and we are pleased to say he gave us a great review.



Customer Service

We really do focus on serving our clients above and beyond the usual (we are told that all the time by our clients) and meeting the needs of our clients in their best interests. Having a sharp eye for detail and caring for our clients is why we have chosen the eagle in our logo.

We enjoy our work and are always excited to have the opportunity to help people help themselves when it comes to things ‘buildings’. Some problems that client’s encounter that seem huge can be deconstructed into reasonable and understandable bite sized pieces and therefore not so intimidating, and some problems that seem small can actually have huge consequences. You can read what our clients say about us on our Testimonial page. We love problem solving.

That is our story and that is why we think you should choose us for all your building and pest inspection needs. That is where we have come from. This is where we are.  You need to know who you can trust!

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